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Monday, December 04, 2006

Shiver Me Timbers!!

Who would have thought, my Thanksgiving vacation could have turned into a treasure hunt?! Black Bart (Papa) unveiled a treasure map that has been hidden for centuries, and gave it to the bravest pirates (me and my cousins) to lead us to the buried treasure! Our first clue led us to the "Red Pearl" (aka "The Big Boat") who has seen some great battles in her day. The next clue led us to the wooden swing, then the pine tree. After deciphering the next clue to lead us to another of Black Bart's great ships (the blue one), we were on our way to the booty! We found the x marking the spot where the treasure was buried, began to dig, and....shiver me timbers! We found the treasure! Full of gold beads and ancient jewels, shining armor, and golden chocolate coins (in my opinion, the best find of all)! I really love being a brave pirate!

Black Bart's Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt

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