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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The New Generation of Red Sox Nation

Curse of the Bambino who? 1914 what? They're saying the 2007 World Series was won by Boston for a new generation of Red Sox fans...my fellow diaper-wearing, field of dreaming friends that will give the rest of their lives to following and supporting the BLUE and RED. We may not know a lot about the sport or the history of our beloved team, but we endeavor to be true fans!

The 2004 World series was won for our great grandparents (especially for my 90 year old great grandma Evelyn Murray who is the biggest Sox fan in the history of baseball)...who suffered 90 years of world series drought.

That sweet success was the so many things for that faithful generation. But this year's victory is just the start of a new era, and a new hope for me and my little sis as we cheer for the best team in baseball!

Monday, October 15, 2007


I've anxiously waited for the leaves to start falling off the trees, for the air to grow crisp...and my first chance at claiming a pumpkin. And of course, faux painting it with an assortment of glitter paints:) Here are me and my very best friends partaking in the bliss of fall fun...painting pumpkins and decorating fall cookies.

Kai preferred to mix all the colors, creating a deep auburn...good choice for the season.

Bubba tasted a little of the paint...maybe that's why he couldn't take a nap that day.

Sissy Jo also did a great job of tasting paints.

The Emma's did a great job of beautifying their pudgy orange masterpieces.

And after a few days when the layers of paint finally dried, we all got to enjoy what nature has offered us during this fine fall season!

sweet ellie & olivia