sweet ellie & sweet olive

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

North to Alaska (I'm gonna catch a big one!)

So...it's me, Ellie (writing the blog, not it the picture. This is just a random pic off the internet). My mom let's me write my own blog now, since all my friends do their own (you can check out their blogs under my links). My parents are taking me to ALASKA this Friday, and I'm so excited! I will get to wear my pink and green striped rubber fishing boots every single day! I have lots of plans for my Papa and Grandma Midge when we get there. I will take Grandma Midge to scour the beach, in search of shells and baby crab carcasses, and I hear my Papa is going to take me fishing..

I hope he can land me a salmon like this kid. I figure, if this kid can do, surely I can! I will definatley let you know...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ahhh...the smells of sunblock, the chirping of crickets, and the fun of endless summer days. We are loving it! Ellie loves to play outside, especially golf on the front lawn, and looking for bugs & "butt-flies" in the back lawn. She has a water squirting slide that she is quite fond of, and makes her mom and dad go down it as well (we have to go down on our sides 'cause our hips don't fit). Her new, most used phrase is, "C-mon Mom, C-mon Dad" with a little motion of her fingers. She is keeping us going, going, going:)

Hot Dogs!!
Our first hot dog roast of the season, in Marsing at our friends, the Barths. Ellie did have a little hot dogs with her ketchup:) Gideon Barth, one of her best friends, is here helping her eat...her ketchup.

Ellie's first trip to the zoo!

We went to Zoo Boise last weekend, and Ellie loved every animal! Even the snakes:) Her favorite was this big tortoise. And ironically, he was the most active animal at the zoo! He walked right over to us and poked his head out. All the other LAZY animals were sleeping. Other favorites included the meerkats, the spider monkey, the "pengins" (penquins), and the "butt-flies" (butterflies).