sweet ellie & sweet olive

Monday, June 23, 2008

we heart summer!!

...soakin up some summer sun!!

the holy cows...

this was our first parade experience, and sticking with the theme "real dairy", we were a band called "the holy cows". we sang super fun songs about Jesus and invited everyone to our Vacation Bible Experience. i really felt like a rockstar and rocked the pink guitar all night!

happy father's day...

...to the man who holds my heart! love you, daddy!

my new friend...

mom and dad took me to build-a-bear for the first time, just because they love me. here i am with my new friend. she's a pink snow leopard and i named her kaysia (after my swim teacher). then i remembered that my b.f.f kate's favorite animal is a snow leopard, so i changed her name to kate. my mom talked me out of the disney princess outfit for her, and so i picked a satin fushia dance outfit and ballet slippers...i'm pretty sure i have something that will match that! we shall be good friends!

ask me about fashion...

...i dare you!

under the high chair

this is something my sis has grown fond of...crawling into places she can't get out of, like under her high chair. we've had some really good discussions while she's stuck under the high chair, waiting for mom to come rescue her. like what our favorite colors are, and if Sharpay is nicer than Gabriella, and what kind of pretend food we should cook for dinner in our play kitchen...good times!

bible time

my good friend and mentor, LB, has been teaching me about how cool it is to read my bible. i'm learning to love opening up the good book, learning to pray, and listening to some good teaching by joyce meyer on cd in my bedroom. i'm not sure what i'll do when i grow up, but i know i'm going to love God along the way! and i'm teaching my sis how to love the bible, too!

princess ballerina baseball player

that's me and my good friend, bubba grove, he is a baseball fanatic! so am i if i can wear my ballet leotard and play with my pink baseball...keepin' it real...since I'm a princess ballerina baseball player.

sweet corinne...

meet the newest littlest member of our fam...my new cousin corinne (formerly known as "applesauce"...long story)...born May 17th, 2008.

Summer is finally here!!

After a short "Junuary" (snow in June), I do declare that summer is finally here! My sis and I are so excited for long walks in the stroller and brown skin!