sweet ellie & sweet olive

Thursday, March 13, 2008

swingin' in the spring

Finally, we've had three days of great weather and packed all we could into it! A drive in the country, a picnic in our backyard, a trip to the playground with all my friends...how I love spring!

big girl!

My sis is officially a big girl! She can clap, do push ups (almost crawl), and eats baby food! I have decided all of her bibs have the clever saying "love your big sister with all your heart". This is a song I made up for her when she eats...
"Sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes in bed
Sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes in bed
Do you it them on your head?
No, no you eat em in bed!
Do you eat them next to Ned?
No, no you eat em in bed!"
My mom and I add to it daily...let us know if you have any creative ideas to add to this song (must rhyme with bed):)