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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Big Blogging Breakthrough!

Our mom sent an entry into the kid's design blog, OhDeeDoh, with a picture and some tips for traveling with kids...and there we are! In the big time blogging world! See our cute faces here:)

Monday, August 25, 2008

hello, bloggosphere

...let me introduce myself, most people call me Olive or some variation of that. You've seen me from my big sis' perspective on this blog, but I've recently turned 1 year old, and thus have found my blogging voice. Although, I mostly do animal sounds or say things like mama, dada, sissy, etc...you'll be surprised that I actually have a quite extensive vocabulary in the world of blogging. I'm a lot different than my big sis, I'm pretty low drama, low maintenance and have decided to use humor to steal any needed attention. I look forward to providing my perspective of the world on this blog.

Oh, and I like to eat everything, including sand...



brought to you by the number "4"

A friend, Katie, reminded me of this great Sesame Street ditty that celebrates the number "4" (well, she's my friend even though she is marrying my first crush ever, Derek). So in honor of recently turning 4, here ya go...


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm finally a four year old! Yesterday I woke up, looked in the mirror, and said, "Mom, I don't look like a four year old". I looked the same as the night before when I went to bed! Although, I have been trying to convince my mom and dad that my arms and legs have really gotten long, and that I would be a great hurdler someday...

So, my bday started out just right. I opened my first present when I woke up, which included pop tarts and tic tacs...what a way to start out the day!

Then, my mom took my sis and I to Starbucks, and we actually got to go inside instead of driving through! And we saw our good friend Stephie there...

My mom made me that cool sash so everyone immediately knew it was my bday!

Then, I had a great day at school with my friends, then came home and opened my other present...a Cinderella dress! My parents took me to Red Robin with my good friend, Kate...and I wore my new dress. Every princess needs to get a free bday ice cream sundae and have all the servers sing an annoying song off key.

And since I'm four now, I found the courage to give the nasty big Red Robin costume guy (I despise people in freakish costumes), a high five...well, I reared back and gave the best high five I could...and swatted my ice cream sundae on to the ground shattering it to pieces! Luckily, no fake animals were harmed. I was just a little mortified.

I fell asleep watching the Olympics....just as I did 4 years ago when I was only one day old. It feels good to be a four year old!

Oh, and thanks mom, for the shout out on your blog. You can read it here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

alaska vacation pics-part 1

the transformation of a city girl

so, we just got back from our alaska adventure and i can truly say i've been cured of my urbanitis. when we got there, i was quite the city slicker, finding it hard to wear rain boots everywhere, not wear dresses often, pick up things off the beach, and yes, get dirty. by the time we left, i had formed a special bond with my trusty rain boots, got sand in my hair on the beach, picked up animal bones and bird feathers, and almost kissed a fish! here's a video, i'm sure i'll post more soon...